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Search Books Online.

How does Google Book Search work?

Finding books with Google Book Search is as easy as finding websites with ordinary Google search; just enter the keyword or phrase you're looking for into the Google Book Search box. For example, when you search for "rock climbing" or for a phrase like "one small step for man," we'll find all the books whose contents match your search terms. Click on a book title and you'll see the Snippet View which, like a card catalog, shows information about the book plus a few snippets - a few sentences of your search term in context. You may also see the Sample Pages View if the publisher or author has given us permission or the Full Book View if the book is out of copyright. You can then do new searches within the book using "Search within this book," or click on any of the "Buy this Book" links to go straight to an online bookstore where you can buy it. If the book was scanned from a library, you can also click "Find it in a Library" to find a local library where you can borrow it.
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