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Searching for a few things... A few areas of interest.

Hi I am seeking a few things that maybe I missed due to being in constant chronic pain...

Looking for publishers willing to provide charity help in getting my book idea off the ground. The subject would be the US Healthcare System and Medical Insurance... The story, how I was able to secure my own independence, while I also discovered how medical insirance companies commit fruad, and or abuse against the memebers/customers who they assumed could not grasp, and or unserstand the complete US Healthcare system and its related laws... Well, no degree, no training, just hard knocks, and the DETERMINATION TO NEVER GIVE UP... Nevere.

Now, I want to share my story, but, more so the knowledge to show, and give other laypeople the same ability I had... I was able to in four days once I regrouped get a denial overturned.
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